Steinberg Newzik offer, advice needed

Hi, I’m a Dorico user who received an email offer from Steinberg for lifetime premium access to Newzik @ a discount. I use forScore but am interested in Newzik, but I can’t redeem this or even see lifetime price. USA support is closed for the holiday until after this offer supposedly expires. Any advice on who who/ how to contact to see if I can actually redeem this offer.? Or has anyone else seen/used this offer? Thanks much!
ETA I’ve contacted Newzik though they too may not respond get until after the holiday.

ETA2 fixed with Newzik’s help. I won’t clutter the board with details on what we had to do, but if anyone else runs into this, contact them (or me).

I got the Steinberg email too. You have to click through the email while you’re logged in to Newzik, but then you get this screen:

Does anyone use Newzik? $65 for a lifetime account is cheap, but a waste of money if I’ll never use it. The email claims “Import, scan and organize your sheet music with Newzik, the sheet music reader app that works perfectly with Dorico for iPad.” Just curious if anyone has it integrated into their Dorico workflow in any way.

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This is the link, you have to use:
It will redirect to the app, where you can redeem the offer.

The key is you have to have the app already installed for the link to work.

Same question here. I have about 1,000 scores in forScore and add a couple every week. Wondering if this is worth exploring.

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I ended up getting it just so I could possibly use the auto play / transpose feature in a pinch.

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Does someone has experience with the scanning capabilities of Newzik, and I mean the OMR especially? They boost about the AI which is involved in it, but that’s the buzzword of the moment…
So how good is this part, in the video you only see the Scarborough fair, which is a very easy job for any scanning app!
Forscore really is a very good app, but support is about zero when you have problems, and there are really some badly implemented parts, I think I have about 7000 pieces in it (both pdf and bookmarks) so migrating is not something I would love to do…

It doesn’t work for me. I installed the Newzig app on my iPhone and created an account. If I open the email I don’t get the premium lifetime offer.
I tried it on my mac too. Same problem. How do I get this offer. I’m on the road and didn’t bring my iPad.

I think you need to click the “Get Newzik Premium Lifetime” link at the bottom of the email, then a browser window will prompt you to open the app, and then you’ll see the offer. I went ahead and bought it, although haven’t had time to do anything with it yet.

Not really sure about the offer:
Newzik Premium Lifetime
Is this
Pay and have all for my life
Pay and keep 50% discount every year for the rest of my life? So every year I must pay

I couldn’t make it work. Ok, maybe all considered I didn’t need it. I, too, am a forScore user, and was not able to understand the added value of Newzik (I have the free version installed, but never used it).


I spent maybe 10 minutes testing it out a bit. It’s not terrible at recognizing a single melodic line, but those are easy to input into Dorico anyway. Taking a pic of this …

…yielded this when I imported the resultant XML into Dorico:

Perhaps there are more appropriate settings for export and/or import that would yield better results, but it doesn’t appear like it will be any faster than simply inputting correctly from scratch. I hadn’t played around with any score scanning software in years, and it’s obviously still not to a usable stage for me. It got bar 4 correct though. They claim the recognition AI is self-improving so hopefully it might eventually be usable for things other than simple single lines.


@FredGUnn thank for your test.
Here is mine:
Import a pdf in newzik:

Then here is the playback from Newzik:

Next text export from Newzik to xlm and import to dorico:

Best regards

I also tried an import, with my free account, a violin sonata with bc, set in Lilypond, so very good readable, and was not impressed. Like these two examples above, it needs too much reworking afterwards, so in the end you gain nothing!
BC is not recognized as such, but the numbers are in a very weird way placed with the notes (and not easy deleted!), and there are (mainly rythmical) errors, too much to my taste. Maybe the “self learning” capacity would make things better, but for that to work you need some kind of feedback I think…
Fot the moment I stick with forScore, and the (for me) newly discovered input method with the midi-keyboard!

Just a few additions. I have the live time version for a bit more than a and you have to be very creative if you want to use MusicXml from Newzik for a multi instrument score and save some time saved when you want to transcribe a longer score.

What AI the program uses is not clear as it does not seem to learn. It still makes the same errors as a year ago. In fact how can it as it is no feedback on all the errors made. Time saved using the import is very limited if the score is more complicated. Instrument names are very often not recognized and you have to edit them manually in the XML. String sections are systematically shown as solo instead of ensemble (manually editable in the xml).

Worse is that rests are often not recognized correctly and you have to shift all notes after a longer rest manually in Dorico. This is also the case for many simpler part solo lines. with longer rests between the solos.

Forget multiple. instruments score scans with instruments not playing on some pages. So having no staff. It will in general shift all content to the top instruments. Sorting this out is in most cases not worthwhile…

Regarding import in Dorico. It works on a Mac despite sometimes giving some error messages . On Dorico for iPad the import does not work. it starts and at 62% Dorico crashes.

What is nice is the way you can create projects with all sort of files, and different arrangements for a piece or composer.

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I’d be interested in seeing MusicXML files exported from Newzik that crash Dorico for iPad when you try to import them.

I use PlayScore2 which is pretty good given a clear score to scan. Costs about £30/yr. Have to add lyrics manually though.


Hi Daniel, I sent it to you in a personal message.

There is a list of examples of what you should not feed LiveScore with and your example is also mentioned there.
It is also not possible to read scores in which individual instruments are displayed at a reduced staff size.