Steinberg please bring back percentages and/or estimated stop time for (pitch shift) processes!

Another “feature” of C10 is, that I cannot find option to show percentages how long process will take.
I guess it has been removed.

I am often doing pitch shifting (and normalizing) process using MPEX Poly Complex Formant algorithm for multiple files.
Before offline processing there was useful percentage status bar with estimated stop time.
I fact, I have nothing useful to do during this process (Yeah, I know it is offline so I could work, for example changing colors of tracks etc.)

Now we need to wait as long as “apple similar dot circle” stops turning. You never guess how long it takes.
It could be both 3 minutes or 45 minutes.

So, it would be GREAT FEATURE to bring back estimated time counter to live!
(In fully working, finished, tested, unbugged, Cubase 11 which should be free for all that sufferers who upgraded great and stable 9.5 version to 10 for €99 thinking it will be the most powerful DAW ever and… it was not)