Steinberg, PLEASE do something about how plugin windows are handled

I love Cubase to death, but the thing that probably annoys me the most about it, is how it handles plugin windows (I’m especially talking about plugin windows of VST instruments e.g. Kontakt, Omnisphere etc.).
In every other DAW I tried it works like this:

  • The plugin window always opens AT THE EXACT SAME PLACE. In Cubase on the other hand this is a freaking nightmare, especially if you use more than 1 monitor. Here plugins open all over the place, sometimes on monitor 1, sometimes on monitor 2, sometimes the plugin is barely on the screen at all and only 1/3 is actually showing
  • Plus all other DAW’s provide an option to sync the plugin window to the currently selected track. So if I select my Violins 1 track I will see the Kontakt 5 instance with my Violins patch loaded, if I select my Flute track I will see the Kontakt 5 instance with my Flute patch loaded, etc…

This seems like a pretty easy thing to do, so please consider it! :slight_smile:

+1 !!! But also, please Steinberg, don’t let any VSTi plugin window to go beyond the main Cubase window or Cubase Project window. A real-life example: I was working on my Cubase project in another studio which has a big monitor. My Kontakt window there was expanded to its maximum. Then I took the project back to my home studio and I have a smaller monitor here. Now I can’t resize the Kontakt plugin on those track that I was working in the other studio, because Kontakt windows can be resized only by dragging the lower right corner, but on my monitor the bottom of Kontakt is now hidden and there is absolutely nothing I can do about it.

Thank you.

Sounds dire. :wink: Don’t you have access to the Kontakt Prefs, resize, and widows elements buttons?

Failing that minimize it from the Cubase Windows menu? Then you can grab the title bar?

You can right click on the title bar, select Move, and use the arrow keys to move the window around.


This must be a Cubase-Windows issue, 'cause plug-in windows are fine on Mac. And I really notice how nice it is because Logic Pro X has long been a PITA when dealing with plug-in windows.

I habe no problem (Windows 10).
The positions of the plugins are stored with the workspaces. So my plugins always open at that same position that I have saved in my global workspaces.
The trick is to open !! all !! plugins and move them to the positions you want. Then close them. And now save the workspace. Next time the plugins open at this positions.
There is also a small tool that positions windows (apps and plugins) to a fixed position: ZMover:
That helps for nearly all windows.

That doesn’t work with disabled orchestral templates, unfortunately

This would be a decent compromise, but (of course) it doesn’t work with plugin windows in Cubase from what I can tell after some experimentation. The plugin windows don’t even appear in the taskbar, so there’s probably no way for ZMover to find it.