Steinberg Please fix this? Clicking on Cubase Icon Rarely Brings Cubase to Front

Correction: it’s about 95% of the time Cubase with no project opened fails to get to front. Alt+Tab has no effect either.


sorry not to be of any help on this, because I haven’t experienced that on my Win10 20H2 system either.

I have experienced this problem consistantly for a long time, even previous Cubase versions, going back to v9 if I recall correctly.

In my case I notice it most often when there is a full screen app or game open. No other apps will stay in the background except Cubase. I have to minimize or close the full screen app/game only then can Cubase be accessed.


I concur, same issue for me… often the only wqay to get back to a Cubase project is manually close or minimize any other windows till Cubase is visible again.


Windows 10 Pro 21H1 here, with a triple-display setup.
Maybe the root of the problem is multiple displays.
Can somebody with a single display chime in?

Yeah, I am on one monitor.

I use windows 10pro with dual monitors and have no such issues at all