Steinberg Please fix this? Clicking on Cubase Icon Rarely Brings Cubase to Front

When I click on my taskbar to bring Cubase to the front it rarely happens. Why?
Does anyone else experience this or is it just my computer?. All my other apps obey but Cubase needs to be coerced to the front.



This is Windows only. I don’t know, how does Windows manage the focus. So if the Project window is not in focus once you leave Cubase, if the Project window should become active (in focus).

Actually, what is your expectation?

In this video I have Cubase’s Project Window active. But as you can see when I click on the Task Bar it does not come to the front like the other apps do. I usually have to minimise all other apps before Cubase comes to the front. I am on Windows 10.

Yes! Most of the time I need to click the Cubase icon 3-4 times for the project window to reappear. I haven’t seen similar behaviour neither in DAW, nor in any Windows application. It’s just horrible.

Please consider moving to a single project window with project tabs like REAPER.
The current window behaviour on Windows is Cubase’s’ worst con.

Thanks for chiming in. This drives me cookookachoo!
Cubase disappearing when closing e.g Generic Remote setup also needs to be fixed.

The behavior is not what you think it should be. When Cubase is on the Task Bar in Win10, you need to hover over the icon and then wait for the Project screen to appear above it. Then you can click on the Project icon and the Project will open.

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Yeah, but this happens very often:

I migrated to a new PC about a month ago and am seeing this all over the place now. Not just Cubase, all sorts of programs - Photoshop, Firefox, Snip & Sketch, etc. Sometimes I’ve had to Minimize a Window to bring what’s behind it to the front. Seems more Windows than Cubase specific from here.

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Strongly disagreed, since I use multiple monitors with different resolutions, so stretching a single window across monitors doesn’t work well at all.

p.s. Windows 10 seems to have weird window focus behavior compared to MacOS. Not only in Cubase, but other apps as well. So maybe start posting in Microsoft forums :rofl:


Ummm… All apps have that thumbnail pop up when you hover over the Task Bar. Cubase shouldn’t be the only one that needs us to click it to bring it to the front. It’s no biggie. Just needs the devs to tweak something minor. After all, every other app on my pc deos not have this issue.

Jbuck, I’m not clear what you are saying here. Are you saying you don’t want to click on the icon or the popup window that appears? You might be there all day…

Audiosnob, when I hover over the Cubase icon, will sometimes get two windows, the Project and the Mixer - if I left the Mixer open. But these windows on my PC show the contents. The headers you show are labeled correctly, what happens when you click on the Project window? I would bet that here everything appears as it should when you click on it. In this case, you may have something in Windows not tic’d? I do recall that photos can be set up to show the photo image in a small frame vs. using the Windows empty frame or a line of text. Maybe this is going on, Windows is saving processor energy?

I would like to click on the icon once, not 4-5 times. Just like every other app on my pc.
And if there are multiple windows open e.g. Project View and a Mix Console, then the last screen used should get priority.

For me Cubase behaves exactly like other apps with multiple open windows - e.g Microsoft’s own Edge browser.

For faster workflow when quickly jumping back and forth between 2 or 3 apps, I use Alt-Tab.

I know what your saying but there is definitely an inconsistency here.

If you’re familiar with windows, which it sounds like you are, you know how multiple open windows is represented graphically on the task bar. If you look in my video, you can see that there is only one window open in Cubase. Yet, it doesn’t open.

However in @audiosnob’s picture you can see that there is multiple windows open. Which is why clicking the icon will understandably not bring Cubase to the front.

On my Win10 20H2, even a single open window for an app gets displayed while hovering over the taskbar icon. Your video doesn’t show that.


So there seems to be something different - either in our systems, or in some detail how we hover or click ?

No sorry, what I was saying was that in my video the icon looks like no. 2 and @audiosnob’s looks like no. 1 in the picture. Which is why @audiosnob’s doesn’t open when clicked. But mine should.

Multiple v Single

This video shows Cubase’s top bar coming to the front on the first click but on the second click it refuses with VE Pro’s top bar just turning white instead. (3)

In my first video you can see that our systems are in fact behaving the same. You can just see the thumbnails popping up on some of them.

I don’t have VE Pro, so I wonder if that somehow plays into me not experiencing what you are?

I was trying to explain that most of the time even the taskbar thumbnails are missing and my brain needs additional seconds to register what’s happening and which window’s which, and the long and useless titles don’t help at all:


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Very possible. Though Cubase seems to do this when other apps are on top.
Cubase just seems to be a problem child when it comes to window management. It always needs a little more attention than the rest.
@audiosnob Yeah, they are usually blank, I get that too.

Can confirm. Win10 here.
A good half the time Cubase struggles to get to front, especially when no project is opened.