Steinberg Plugs from 7.5 for other DAWs

I am using a Mac. Can I use Steinberg plugs that come with 7.5 on other DAWs? I use Ableton and Logic Pro X as well as Cubase 7.5 and would like to be able to use Retrologue, Padshop and Groove Agent.

I believe they come as vst and AU and should therefore be compatible. However, even though they show up and usable in my Cubase 7.5, I cannot seem to find the AU or vst’s for these on my Mac in order to import into my other DAWs?!?!

Hi Bunford,

you can use Padshop and Retrologue in other DAWs but not GA. The AU versions of retrologue and padshop get installed with the 1.1 updates that you can download from our website.