Steinberg Privacy Settings Not Registering

Every time I log into the Steinberg website to access the fora etc., the Steinberg Privacy Settings pop-up appears for one to register cookie preference settings.

If I click on ‘Configure’ and ‘Save’, then I find that every new section of the Steinberg website I visit makes the same pop-up appear again and again and again. One has to repeat notification of the desired settings.

Why are the user’s privacy settings not registered?

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I’m not sure. Can you tell me a bit about your browser configuration? What OS are you running, what browser, and what version? Are you running any extensions that might have an impact on whether your cookie preferences can be saved?

Thanks dspreadbury

  • OS X 10.12.6 (latest OS I can use on my older Mac)
  • Firefox 90.0.3

Perhaps the offered ‘no cookies’ option, is not useable for Steinberg.

I’ll ask the web team if they have any thoughts on this and come back to you when I can.

Fwiw, this is the same with me, and has been for months. Literally every single time I visit a Steinberg site (forum excepted as it keeps me logged in) I grant it full :cookie: permissions, and it just doesn’t stick.

The best I can figure is that however I’ve configured the privacy settings on my browser, something is interfering, but no other websites do this to me.

My colleagues in the web team tell me that depending on how you have configured the privacy settings in your browser, the web site may be unable to save your settings. I don’t fully understand the technical details, I’m afraid, so I am only able to pass on the information.

Steinberg uses a cookie consent management provider that implements cross-domain consent sharing. However, if you have configured your web browser to disallow third-party cookies, then unfortunately the consent that you provide cannot be transferred to the next domain, resulting in you seeing the consent prompt repeatedly.

For example, in Safari, cross-domain consent sharing does not work with Safari because the browser excludes sharing of local storage by default. In Firefox, if you enable the Delete cookies option, cross-domain consent sharing will not work because Firefox deletes the local storage in every new tab opened.

I am informed that there is no workaround to bypass these browser restrictions, as the restrictions are either given based on the functionality of the browser, or due to the fact that you have made individual choices within your browser settings to protect your personal data.