Steinberg Product Activation FAQ

I have fixed the link at the top. Sorry for that.
Please try again by just copying the whole code you received with the order and pasting it into the first field. The rest will be filled in automatically. This way, any typos can be avoided.
If that does not help, please send me a message.

I’m not in the studio, so I don’t have the eLicenser dongle with me right now.
Is it possible to Activate/Redeem my purchase online, and move the license/activation to the dongle later?
Or maybe activate with the Control Center or Steinberg Manager without the doongle?

That’s not possible unfortunately. The eLicenser is needed to redeem an activation code.

I have already created post and submitted ticked almost month ago, about this problem, but unfortunately didn’t find solution. My old e-licenser contained Wavelab LE7 license. License is registered, activated and is showing up under eLicensers tab in ‘My Products’ in My Steinberg. However, when i try to reactivate the license as explained here: Software/license reactivation (requesting new activation codes) – Steinberg Support , i’m getting “There is no Soft-e-Licenser to reactivate” message when i go to “Reactivate License” tab. I have tried to re-register to no avail. The thing is that i have bought an upgrade to WL Elements 10, but i’m not able to update, just because i don’t have old license on my new elicenser. Screenshots attached: Win10, 64bit. Any help appreciated.
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Hey, I’m trying to activate Wavelab Cast and keep getting a message to update the eLicenser even after I’ve updated. Help

Hello, have you entered the Download Access Code in the Steinberg Download Assistant? Which error message appears exactly?

Hello Ed, I figured it out. Thanks

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