Steinberg products and screen savers

I have noticed that whenever I use Cubase Pro or Dorico my screen saver no longer activates (Win10). This only happens when one (or both) of these programs are running - at all other times the screen saver works normally.

Is there something within either application which can be set to change this behaviour?


I’m not Windows expert, it might be, it’s possible to tweak it somehow somewhere… But definitely this behaviour is by purpose.

Very annoying that they have chosen to disable all power saving options while cubase is open. I understand why this might be desirable for certain users but it does not work for me and I’m sure many others who prefer to leave cubase running instead of going through the lengthy startup/load drivers/load project process every time they sit down to record or jam. There needs to be a configuration option for this. Right now I’d even settle for a registry tweak.