Steinberg products updates

I would like to know if the way things are done regarding updates has changed at Steinberg.

Previously, I received an email notification that an update for Cubase or other VSTs were available or on the old Steinberg WEB page, the updates were also appearing.

For the last update of Cubase 11.0.40, I did not receive any email and I also cannot find any information on the WEB page, other than advertisements on new products or discounts on existing products.

I was able to learn that there was this last update by coming to the Cubase forum. So, from now on, do we need to consult the Steinberg Forum to be able to find out if there are any updates regarding Steinberg products?

Please let me know about it.


Yes, it seems, the Forums’ Announcements thread is the official source now. And you should be also informed in the Steinberg Hub.

You can also follow @SteinbergMedia on Twitter, they will post update notices there, such as this one for 11.0.40:

Hi Martin,

I’m a little late, but thanks for the information. The announcements thread is a place where Steinberg seems to announce all kinds of things, updates, new products, discontinued products and so on.

Wouldn’t it be smarter to have a thread dedicated solely to updates to various Steinberg products, software and hardware. This would avoid wasting time in scrolling through pages, it would make things concise and simple.
It’s my practical side that speaks, why complicate things when you can do things simply …

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I’m absolutely with you. I would love to have only one place for all updates (in fact all news) at one place.

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