[Steinberg res needed] Waves SoundGrid and real time export

a few weeks back I bought one of the DSP servers from Waves (SoundGrid Server One) and started using it.
Very happy with some of the CPU stress finally gone from my machine and passed on to the server.
For those who don’t know, here’s how it works : instead of loading an instance of a Wave product on an insert for example, now I have to load an instance of the same plugin everytime : StudioRack. As the name says it’s a virtual rack where I can load multiple plugins as a chain, and there is a dropdown menu there where I can decide who takes the processing power, either “Local CPU” or “SG”.
Of course I always switch to “SG” since I want the server to do the job, and in this case, whenever I do a bounce of my session to mp3/wav etc, Cubase thinks I’m using external gear so the bounce is mandatory to be Real-Time.
I thought that was ok and made sense, until I had to track out a session (bouncing all the tracks one by one) for mixing.
The guys from Waves told me that in this case, switching back all StudioRack instances to “Local CPU”, makes any DAW behave like it’s “all in the box” and bounce offline…except Cubase.
I’m actually working closely with Waves as ambassador for the brand so I’m regularly in touch with them and they told me after investigation that this issue was Cubase only…they informed Steinberg in 2015 but it’s still unsolved.

Can anyone at Steinberg tell me anything about this issue?

Thank you.


No one ?

Have you tried contacting Steinberg support direct?

This is a user to user forum and whilst Steinberg reps do sometimes drop in, it’s not usually the best way to contact them.

Same pRoblem for Me

In Ableton
when switching StudioRack to ALL LOCAL I can bounce 'non realtime"

But in Cubase, WTF !
only Realtime option for bouncing !
And Sometimes it is impossible to bounce, because of DSP overload !!!

I’ll contact Waves


I’ve just bought a server extreme for live work. But I figured it would be a great idea to use it to off load CPU when mixing in the box for studio projects. I was quite happy to see that setting it up appeared very easy and was even philosophical about the off-line bounce Issue that you described here. However it would appear that on my laptop for instance 1 H-verb takes about 10 times the CPU load when using the server than it would just running at native!!! :flushed:
Have you come across this and if so is there a workaround or is this just a waste of time and money ?




Do you know if this issue has been resolved? I cannot find any other info regarding this matter