Steinberg SDK for Generic Remotes PLE/LE/Macros/Menu items

Hey Ya’ll… can’t believe I just found this group so can’t wait to dig around and see all the great ideas flowing around.

So my product up to this point has only be able to sync with Cubase through terminal-command prompt Key Commands/Python menu macros/Applescripts/ and V-Control Pro… However, I have run out of key commands and need another way to fire off “macros/PLE/LE events” and so far accessing the menu items through applescripts and python is not great for multi language support.

Anybody hear familiar with the Generic Remote SDK and how to get a 3rd party app to send this data to Cubase/Nuendo??

I hope to get build something similar to 14bitMIDI and MetaGrid but without any need for MIDI drivers as we already have really great communication through V-Control Pro controller scripts.

There is no “Generic Remote SDK”

The GR displays everything in its various lists. If you can send midi to it by whatever means, simply hit the Learn button to set the midi message in the upper pane.

There are hundreds of characters available that are not on your keyboard though, you can assign those to commands in the key commands dialog.

Is there not a way to just send a call to the Generic remote XML without MIDI?


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