Steinberg seems to be trying to bury Loop Mash, but I think it should be more important

What do all the other users think? Would you care to share your views?

It’s about Licencing IIRC but i don’t think they will remove the Loopmash Fx , well i hope not

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I believe LoopMash is not Steinberg’s technology - so they didn’t have control in moving it forward in terms of OS updates, Apple silicon support, or to build in compatibility for the new Steinberg licensing. It’s sadly stuck in a time warp now…

If you look around here, there are ways to get it to ‘appear’ in more recent Cubase releases… which would be done entirely at your own risk.! I’m not saying anything… :sunglasses:

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Thx, BRO.
At last, the C13 Pro is no longer able to load LoopMash presets due to a major modification to the Steinberg Media Server.
So, I created a project using C11 with all presets loaded into the track.