Steinberg Sequel 3 in Windows 11 anyone? Just curious

Yes, I have Cubase 13 Elements, but also wondering if my older Sequel 3 will work well in Windows 11, now that the Win 10 machine is retired from music duties :slight_smile:
Anyone try it with successful results that can comment?

I also am aware that it is not “officially” certified for anything past Win 10 v18**… but since most things are found to work well in Win 11 that worked well in Win 10, thought I’d ask…

Why not try installing it and see for yourself? Worst case you uninstall it later.

I’m hesitant… on my new computer… since installing older software by other software companies, uh hum, that sounds like “magic” , have created system issues with outdated installers in past (on Win 10 machine), so don’t want to bugger up the newbie if avoidable…

I already installed and used Sequel 3 with Windows 11. The software worked great, but I uninstalled it a few months ago because it is no longer of much use to me now. Cubase is so complete that I prefer to concentrate my work in a single environment.

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Thank you so much Rene_L!
Its nice to know it works, but I’d probably come to the same conclusion after getting it all setup and checking it out again…
My Cubase 13 even though only Elements is pretty featured and up to date, so good thoughts to consider.
I wish they would update the Sequel to v4. I think its still valid, and offers a simpler DAW experience for the less that Serious DAW production people out there…

I don’t believe Steinberg will invest time and money into developing a new version of Sequel. This application was developed with the aim of ‘competing’ with Apple’s GarageBand application which had become very very popular at a certain time. Today, there’s really no interest in it, even for Apple… I wouldn’t be surprised if they abandon it in the near future. There are so many alternatives to this type of application.

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Good call once again! I think you are probably right in that…
Call me old fashion sentimental… I hate to see good/fun things go to the wayside of newer, usually more complicated things… :slight_smile:

My impression is this is why Apple bought Logic, to get its audio engine and use it to build Garage Band.