Steinberg Shop Access


Trying to buy from you guys, but Chrome won’t let me in to your shop because of a security issue with the certificate. Other https sites of yours seem fine.

Any chance of fixing it before anybody finds out I’ve been spending money again? :wink:

Works in other browsers (Firefox, IE)
Chrome says “There are issues with the site’s certificate chain (net::ERR_CERT_REVOKED)”
Hopefully they’ll fix it soon.

Yeah. On Facebook they asked me to use a different browser.

Under normal circumstances, I would, but that’s not great advice when I’m getting a security warning for a shop.

According to SSL Labs there are no issues with

I do notice the certificate was renewed about 6 weeks ago. Maybe clearing the certificate cache in the browser will help. I cannot reproduce any errors using any browser.

Thanks for that. However, the URL is not trusted by modern browsers…

No problem here with Internet Explorer, Edge, or Safari…
Do you think the Steinberg Shop is a malicious website? If so, then you should not use it. If you don’t think it is a malicious website, are you still willing to put your credit card number in just because Chrome tells you it is safe? Bottom line is that the security checks in browsers are great for a warning if you accidentally click on a link or something but they can give false positives. So either you think the Steinberg Online Shop is a malicious website or not. I wouldn’t worry about Google being overly nervous about it.

Fair point. I was using my DAW, which I like to keep as clean as possible. I’ll use another machine.

FWIW, I’m not sure whether Steinberg use a third party for their shop transactions (and whether they’ve been hijacked), and given the market share of Chrome, it’s certainly something worth raising - if only to point out potential loss of income.