Steinberg should give Cubase AI a new product name

With the recent rapid shift in the zeitgeist regarding Artificial Intelligence Cubase AI sounds like it’s the version of Cubase that will write the songs for you. It needs a new name.



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Or “AI” could mean it’s smart enough to know when one’s song sucks and it shuts down in disgust rather than allow itself to play a part in the songs creation and completion.

Hmm …

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Hi @raino,


Perhaps Steinberg might even abandon that 5 versions sales pattern and use the same kind of product differentiation as with Dorico:

“Pro” ← “Elements” ← “SE”.

One advantage of such a change would be a much simpler upgrade path. “SE” could then become the universal non-retail version for hardware bundles or as an afternoon detention version for lazy Pro users.

Together with an additional option (yet NOT as a replacement!) for customers to also be able to acquire the permanent Cubase Pro license via an installment payment plan - could perhaps make those many product names Artist / AI / LE obsolete and simplify the portfolio. Without abandoning any current customer group (only HALion 9000 would still need to get “his” own customized space ship version).

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Given the amount of crash reports in this forum this functionality is already implemented :grin:

How about the new name being: Cubase no AI ?


Hi @Johnny_Moneto,

or perhaps “Cubase DE (Dissident Edition)”?



I was thinking about it years ago, when the “AI” became known as the Artificial Intelligence.

Originally Cubase AI meaning was Advanced Integration, same as the AI Knob on the CC121 and other hardware. The assignment to the AI Knob is dynamic. Where do you point your mouse cursor, the parameter is going to be controlled, that’s the Advanced Integration = AI.

Just mentioning…


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Cubase “No soup song for you”

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When Cubase suddenly says “I’m sorry, I can’t allow that, Dave” you know you’re in trouble!

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