Steinberg should include full Halion with cubase 6

Having used 3 different softwares for Making music
Protools, logic. And cubase
I know protools is not realy for The music wrighter. So it does bot count to me as à sequenser in My eyes.
How Ever if u compare logic with cubase . Logic is à far better complete bundle for music.
Where steinberg gives us 1 dvd and trials for halion.
Logic has 8-9 dvd filled with loops and samples.
And The pluggins with logic also tends to be better.
Even protools gives 1 dvd with The ap and 1 dvd with loops.

Dont get me wrong!
I love cubase. Thats why i bought version 6 .
But i think steinberg have to make some Changes to The bundle.
Cubase elements should have à minimum of pluggins and halion one.
Cubase artist should have some more pluggins And halion Sonic se.
But to make cubase 6 The more of à interesting choise. Halion sonic full should be included.
Cubase 6 is to me by far The best ap to Wright music. But compared with logic and even presonus studio one (2 dvd with loops and samples) cubase is not The best bundle.

Web i used logic i did not feal i needed mutch more . Well xept drums but all packs lack à good drum , The closest to good drums is sonar comeback to think of it cacewalk bundle is verry good aswell.
The sonar bundle is probably just after logic when it comes as bundle for wrighters.
But then again none of The other programs have The strength cubase have.

So in The end, My belife is!!
Steinberg would gain market if they ad full Halion to The big version of cubase.

Yeah, and drop the price down to half would really do the trick, ain’t gonna happen.


I see what youre saying… but imo there is plenty in there to inspire, create, edit, mix and master great tracks…

Must admit tho, would be nice if when new versions of 6 are released in the future, if little bits of extra content were added too… that would be great… extra sounds, samples etc

Not to compare the two, but I also have machine and when new versions are released NI really go to town with adding fresh content alongside the new functionality, and it seems like extra value for money.

Sure it would be nice to get extra instruments/content, I would’nt say no, but Cubase is already quite affordable and in my opinion good value for all it’s features. To me Cubase is the core to which you can add whatever extra third party plugs and content you might want. But even ‘out of the box’ there’s plenty to get you started, a lot of the tools are very good and there is also quite a bit of content provided already with the synths, Halion Sonic SE e.t.c. and all your ‘beat mangling thangs’ :wink: .



Mauri. U are correct at some angles.
But The actual differnces betwene The cubase versions is not huge, wich
Might make sence . But compare cubase with sonar , logic and even studio one and u Will soon se that cubase in terms of adds are behind. Ok u need à mac for logic. But still their sample librarie for exs is huge. And exs has à library format that makes just The pluggin stronger then halion. Why u mat ask.
Simple… There are many sample cd/dvds out there r still to come that has exs format. Making it both ezyer and cheaper for owners of logic to Xpand their samples to their needs.

Looking at sonar they realy does give some nice instruments And pluggins aswell that beats halion.

So why did i not go for logic or sonar?
Even if steinberg dont give cubase 6 halion sonic i love The workflow in cubase.
But would it be to mutch to ask for à full sample library with cubase not à teaser like halion sonic se.
When all other known proggs givs so mutch more.

Ok it’s ok that it is like it is. But asking The customers WHO bought The bigest cubase version to pay full Prise for halion sonic. Not even giving à nice crossgrade Prise. Is sad.

U know i would buy sonic and The string add if steinberg would give us WHO bought The full cubase 6 à nice discount

More than enough for a songwriter in Cubase and most DAWs. Anyone who wants more can afford to pay for it if they’re serious about whatever work they do.
People are generally more creative with what they have rather than what they want.

Guitars should have midi. Drums should have built in mics. Bass guitars should have built in metronomes. :mrgreen:

Next thing you know, people will want Steiny to bundle a date with Lady Gaga or the diva of your choice with the software. :wink: :laughing:

I like your thinking here… but not Gaga! :blush:

Still, the OP has a point, there is no built in sampler, only a rompler, something which has been ranted about for all time here… I have to agree… perhaps something between SE and the Full version would have made some sense to me if I was a marketing guy…

Then again, there are some usable freebies out there… such as Short Circuit


While I can’t compare to ProTools, as I’ve never even tried it, I will say Cubase comes with a ton of stuff that makes the price tag more than reasonable. For one you get a full fledged recording/sequencing software. Then on top of that you get a number of free synths and a drum machine included (though I don’t use GrooveAgent having Battery). Then you also get a bunch of VST effects. And top top it off they now include an Amp sim suite. Moving past that you also get a standard Pitch correction plugin but also the much more complex Variaudio.

I dunno, for $500 it seems fair enough to me. Actually, when I bought my copy at Guitar Center their price was $449 despite their website saying $499. On top of that I used a 15% off holiday coupon so I got Cubase for $382. Can’t beat that right!?


What I don’t get about Steinberg is their priorities when it comes to bloating Cubase with extra stuff. To me in terms of what I find useful I keep wondering why they developed and included synths like Embracer, Prologue, Mystic and Spector. Especially the latter three are pretty much useless - the same cold sterile sound.

Why not include some useful “standard” VSTi’s instead e.g. a nice rhodes, wurlitzer, hammond B3 (like Logic), some good basses (moogish, acoustic etc.) (I do love Monologue for bass though), some nice warm brass, a huge samplepack with useful samples (like other daws - logic) etc.

Halion One was pretty much a joke - especially compared to Logics sampler. Halion Sonic and the included soundlibraries a pretty useless as well in terms of sound quality - just finished some bigband arrangements in the score using the Halion sonic for all instrument parts. It sounded like something out of a Soundblaster card-chip in the late 90s! :mrgreen:

I also own Halion three (actually only bought it to be able to read .exs libraries on PC and because I thought it was the best choice when I used Cubase) and though the sampler in itself works fine the libraries from Steinberg are not worth much attention. It was pretty expensive at that time - and that’s the only reason why I haven’t thrown it out yet and replaced it with Kontakt - which is becoming more and more the industry standard - just look at all the 3rd party libraries - and all the sounds it comes packed with from the start in good quality.

After upgrading to C6 64 bit a month ago or so (from C6 32 bit) I actually haven’t even bothered installing Halion again. Maybe it’s time to get Kontakt instead :wink:

Anything free is welcomed of course but i am satisfied with C6 as it is.
Maybe that is also because i own Kontakt and i have built a big library with kontakt sounds… :wink:
I also find Halionsonic SE very useful,especially working with vst expression 2.