steinberg ski remote not showing up in Device Setup


I was trying to use Cubase Ic on My Cubase 5 on Windows 8.1
installed the steinberg ski remote thing
and the Software .
and connected to the same network …

then i opened the Cubase, but there is no “steinberg ski remote” in the “+” list …

what do i suppose to do!

Iphone 4s
Cubase 5
Windows 8.1 x64
Laptop, Samsung, 12 GB RAM
no Firewall enabled
Itunes installed
Bonjour Installed (Running)

what do i Suppose to do !
please help :frowning:

Hi Guys …

I just Installed Cubase 7

The “steinberg ski remote” is Working …
sometimes when i connect it with my iPhone it’s going “not working”

just to keep you up with updates …

Thankx …