Steinberg--SPEAK UP!

I understand this is a forum for Cubase users, but really, really, Steinberg, you should be WAY more involved. It’s not that hard to keep abreast of what’s going on in the forums and reply to threads. It would make us feel like you care.

For example: on the Webinar thread many people posted that it was unwatchable due to video glitches. Why not acknowledge this and say you’ll be making sure that we get to view these on-demand later?

On the USA delivery thread you have a bunch of unhappy customers who were charged on 1/14 and still haven’t receievd any word on delivery. At least acknowledge the problem and tell us what you can or can’t do about it.

These are issues affecting many people.

And then there’s the individual issues. You almost never engage when people have unanswered questions or bugs. I understand that there’s local tech support available (and it’s good), but most companies manage their forums actively, which creates a better perception of the company broadly and makes customers happy. Plus, it’s a VERY cheap way of supporting your users.

It just sucks that you rarely respond to customers on your own forum. I’ve been on for a couple of years and now here… nowhere else in the industry have I seen a company so intentionally disconnected from its customers.

What gives? We WANT to love you, Steinberg! Just give a little love back. It doesn’t take much effort.

:open_mouth: I must be using a different version of Forum than you are


Greg Ondo (kinda official vox) did post this:

by GregOndo » Wed Jan 26, 2011 1:39 pm
They were adjusting the streaming settings for the streaming as the webinar was going on to accommodate all of the people. It was a bigger turnout than expected.

and more.

but I agree with you re communication from Steinberg to us.

Ironically because I am a mac user I always believed that the lack of communication in the old [mac] forum was because
the ‘official word stuff’ and real communication was happening in the PC forums.

Now that the forums are one, from my mac POV there IS more communication, but as you say; could be better.

Guess it’s all relative.

i think thats a bit harsh lots of issues to sort and with the release of c6 i bet they are over whelmed at the mo , would you have got this much interaction in the old forum from hq , i think considering they started a new forum ,released c6 (which elastic pro is just blowing me away ) they are doing well in my book ,BIG UP STEINY cheers for the last 20 years !


I love Cubase and I’m excited to try Cubase 6 (just wish they would only tell me when to expect it, since I was charged 2 weeks ago). But this lack of communication and engagement on the forums is a long-standing issue that dates back before the release of C6.

i can understand your frustration with the lack of com from steinberg ,even a private message would be good , i know there has not been the best interaction over the years , iv’e followed in the background for 20 years but i think this can only be a big step forward with more interaction when teething problems calm down .

hope you get your issue sorted dude :neutral_face:


I don’t even have a specific issue!! I’m just noticing that NOBODY is getting their issues solved or even any acknowledgement.

Then you must be blind.

Maybe remove the moderators from your enemy list? Overhere they do respond… :sunglasses:

Luck, Arjan

Steinberg is not actively participating in the forum. They never have. And they should. It would reflect better on the company. I agree customers can help other customers. But it doesn’t make you feel good about the company to know that you won’t get any response from Steinberg until you make a huge stink (like VST Bridge in the old

I wouldn’t go that far. :wink:

Ha! Good point. You and my wife agree.

This lack of communication and engagement on the forums is a long-standing issue that dates back to the day Christian moved on.

Christian has been posting here (if it is the same Christian). If ya want proof, here is one of the threads.


I was having the impression that Steinberg moderators were much more communicative since the start of the new forum. Look at the number of posts from site admin’s on all forums:

That’s about 1000 posts in a month (most of these admins joined in december 2010, I suppose when the new forum started).