Steinberg Store Seems Broken

I tried to buy a product using different browsers and it allows me to login to to my profile, but the same login for the store keeps failing. I tried to reset the password and the email also never arrives.

I think the store has its own account, which is different from the Steinberg login, because it is managed by Asknet. At least I have two accounts, one for the website and one for the store.

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something seems wrong. i can’t even reset the password via their CS site. the reset password does not work there either and you can’t contact support without an order number, which obviously I dont have as I didn’t buy it yet.

I had that trouble a month or so back. It kept asking me for a username and password. The only password I had was the Steinberg log in password which it didn’t like. There seemed to be no option to change the password either. I wrote a post about it but it seems to have vanished!
Eventually somehow it worked after trying countless times. I don’t know what I did differently!

I managed to get it reset by actually emailing the support dept and they generated the password reset for me.