Steinberg Studio EQ and Gate Question

Are the EQ and gate,and all the fx’s found in the channel strip, the same EQ, and Gate found in the individual Steinberg plug ins ?
In other words are they the same Hi-Quality, IMO as the stand alone plugins like “Studio EQ”
I noticed I got a better result from the Gate used as a insert on a track,than I did using it as a insert on the channel strip.
Perhaps it was just the fact it was easier to dial in the individual controls, but I did notice a couple of parameters that are in the stand a lone plug in, that aren’t available to the Channel strip version
I hope this make sense to some one.
I’ve been using CBP 8.X since July last year,and i come from many years as a Hard Core PT HD user.
I’m so amazed at what I keep discovering in CBP , it is truly a amazing DAW, I sometime wish for a easier way of editing audio,but I’m starting to customize it to my work flow.
Anyway I got off subject …

Bump.anyone ?

The EQ uses the same algorithms as the studio EQ plugin, I only wish they would make the GUI the same.
I don’t know for certain if the strip uses exactly the same coding as the plugins ( with less control) but I believe so.