Steinberg support email

I am trying to find a support email through and it seems there is no such an option.
It all leads to contacting distributors. So, how can i communicate with someone officially regarding my issue?

You do this through your “my steinberg” account.

Have you even tried that ?

All it does for me is list local ( ie North America ) distributors.

You used to be able to email to but I haven’t seen that option listed for ages, everything loops back to your local distributor now.

Well yes I have, but I’m not north american :slight_smile:

Afaik steinberg US has a separate support but that’s as much as I can remember. Someone American is sure to chime in the thread.
Good luck.


perhaps some of you are on the main website instead of MySteinberg (

If you send a request from your MySteinberg account (My Support -> Create support request), it is sent either to us or the local Yamaha / Steinberg tech support team depending on where you are located. There is indeed a local team in the US. They will also contact you on the phone if needed. Of course, they will also forward all that needs attention to HQ.
In some countries general support is done by Distributors, which will contact us for resolution when the issue is more complex.


Help me please with almost the same but different situation.
I have an issue with e-licenser. A license for Absolute 4 Collection can’t be found in MyStainberg -> [My Products] -> Software - section. FAQ-page doesn’t fully answers to my question. And in case I “Still haven’t found what you’re looking for?” propose me to “Submit a ticket”. Pressing the “Submit a ticket”-button leads me to MySteinberg -> [My Support]-page. Where the fun is starting.
Currently I’m in Poland (which is in EU). Steinberg distributor for Poland mentioned like service handling only MI (which is looks like Media Interface - my question is regarding license, so doesn’t look like fit).
Trying to sent a request from MySteinberg (My Support -> Create support request) provides me with link to “Steinberg distributors”. Suppose it’s like that because of “country” mentioned in my profile settings which is out of EU - my account is pretty old and I have moved to another country since I created it. So I made my purchase from official site being in EU. But I have no possibility to change this setting in MyAccount. Button this field is locked for editand provided with instructions: “In order to change your country, please get in touch with us.”.
So I can’t find any possibility to find how to contact support for my case.

Maybe someone knows how to handle the case if:

  • FAQ doen’t cover your case totally;
  • user account [Profile Info]-page doesn’t give opportunity to change “country”;
  • there is no “Steinberg distributors” in country where I am handling issues related to e-licenser and licenses issues;
  • there is no possibility to contact steinberg directly with mail (because there is no e-mail anywhere mentioned for that)…

I’ve stuck. ))) And now instead of one issue with e-licenser I have +1 issue with support. :laughing:
Please… Please!!! Does anybody know how can I “get in touch with steinberg”? I really want to. :wink: And I’ve made extra-efforts already only for finding this possibility of contact.

Best regards,


F U C K YOU STEINBERG! -> Support -> Contact support -> Steinberg US support page:

You’re welcome and have a nice weekend (and a warning)

Respectfully Ed, I bought my first Cubase in the Us but I work in Argentina, I have always later bought my upgrades online directly from you.

Shouldn’t I be able to contact steinberg directly and not deal with a yamaha distributor in my country that works importing keyboards?

Knocking on wood I have never been in the position to contact the local yamaha distributor here and I dread the moment I will have to.

We have contracts with all of our distributors worldwide to cover the support. This first and foremost includes Yamaha who owns Steinberg. There is a support team in Australia and we are in regular contact with them on support issues that are escalated for further attention. The team in Germany cannot provide support for every customer worldwide unfortunately.

Even I’ve not found a way to talk directly with Steinberg officials.
I need to know how to contact the Steinberg officials.
And it is certainly not possible to do it through My Steinberg account.

I have been waiting for 10 days from support
ticket #247452 on a vst amp rack issue. I am at my wits end and am thinking of scrapping elements 10 and using another software.
Trying to contact support to complain about the wait only takes me back to the ticket page.

If you are in the US the contact phone number is 844-358-4022. I have called and talked to support many times. Good luck!

I need help, and it’s no way I’m contacting Yamaha Indonesia. They won’t care, coz they only sell piano and keyboards and music instruments. They only put phone numbers, but when I call them, the staff who pickup the phone won’t even understand what Cubase is :unamused:

I’ve tried support from MySteinberg account, and it keeps refering me to a list of distributors…

Why can’t Steinberg have simple and direct support system for your customers, like any other music/audio developer, easy to contact and ask for help. GOSH :unamused: