Steinberg support - is there anyone there?

I sent a support ticket and got an email saying it had been received and someone would review it - usually within a few days. 15 days later and still nothing!! I’ve worked in IT for over 20 years and have never experienced such poor technical support. Does Steinberg actually have any support and if so, how long is someone expected to wait until they get a reply?

I’m happy to help. Please describe your problem with Cubase.

Hi alin89c.

It’s a licencing issue we have. In a rush to get a couple of music suites completed, we have mistakenly activated licences on PC’s that were already activated. We now have 2 licences showing. The option to remove a licence is greyed out so how can I remove or deactivate a licence so that I can install it on another computer?


The only option you have right now is to move the license from the Soft eLicenser to a Steinberg Key (USB eLicenser). Note that you can’t transfer a license from an USB eLicenser to a Soft eLicenser.


Are you talking about Soft-eLicense or USB-eLicense?

Unfortunately this isn’t an option. The USB sticks would end up going missing if left in the PC, plus the additional cost. I don’t understand why the eLicencer software doesn’t detect that the software has been activated already. Why would you want 2 licences for the same software activated?

We use the Soft-eLicense


Now I understand your issue, thank you.

I’m afraid the only way is to wait for the Steinberg support. Yes, it does exist. I can imagine, they are very busy now, before the Christmas.

If you need to use Cubase at other computer already, you can use Trial version for 30 days.

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OK, thanks for the advise. Hopefully I’ll hear back from support in the New Year.