Steinberg Support non-existing?

22 days ago I created a support request ticket in the Steinberg support helpcenter - and did not get any reaction since then. Is this normal (i mean, normal behaviour of the Steinberg support, not normal behaviour of a professional support)?

Does Steinberg just don’t care about their paying customers or what could be the reason for more than 3 weeks with no reaction at all?

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How can we help you here on the user forum, please?

Thanks for your reply Martin.

Before digging into the issue I reported to Steinberg, I would like to quickly learn what i can expect from Steinberg: Do you know if Steinberg is offerning support at all and if yes over which channels and in what quality? I’m asking because there is the option to create a ticket in the helpcenter and I would like to learn if it’s just a fake support offering and Steinberg actually does force their support duty to this community or if there is a(nother) way to get support from Steinberg at all.


It’s a real button. The Steinberg support works.

But it might happen, you would get the answer faster on the forum. We (as users) can’t help with order or licensing issues. But if your question is in the Cubase usage field, we are very happy to help.

This is absolutely “normal” unfortunately. But they get back to you and are very kind. It must have to do with the high amount of tickets opened every day (just open a support ticket and look at the ticket number, then after some days open another one and compare them), and they probably are not many in the support department, I guess.

Same page.

Not having enough employes to provide support is a bad attitude and non-professional/non-customer-friendly. But not even reporting back something like an expected time to wait is just disrespectful from my point of view. However, i will keep it in mind nexttime Steinberg is asking me to buy something from them.

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Challenge acceppted :slight_smile:
I created a new thread to keep the “dead support” and the “actual question” separated.

Anecdotal but I’ve been using Cubase for over 20 years and support has always been like this, or at least for the last 10 years (rarely opened tickets before then).
I’ve seen frequent posts about support issues for as long. I’ve often managed to get help here before support even responded, so it’s a good place to start.
It is what it is, and my approach to stay out of trouble is to not change anything unless I have to.

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