Steinberg Support Query


So I use Cubase Studio 4 and this morning it started crashing. I’ve used it, without issue, for quite a time and now I’m getting an error message, 5 mins after opening the software, saying that the software is unstable and to save and restart the program. It explains that there is a LOG file but I can’t seem to find it.

I urgently need this problem fixed so looked to contact Steinberg Support. Clearly telephone technology hasn’t reached Steinberg yet as we’re required to fill out forms and type out our problems. Fine, I can handle that, except my version of Cubase doesn’t come up under a ‘Registered Product’ that field is blank, despite having a E-License registered.

I’ve tried re-registering just my copy of Cubase but it won’t accept the P/N number on the side of the box.

I’d greatly appreciate some advice (or a phone number) so that I can get this resolved quickly so as to complete my work.

Many thanks,


i know this is a bad advice, but if you want to work more efficient, it would may a good idea to upgrade or buy a new version of Cubase. Where did you´ve phoned to, directly to Hamburg,Germany?


Yes, I’ve considered that possibility and it’s something I’ll certainly do after this current work schedule has ended. At the moment though I don’t know why this issue has arose or how to fix it.

I haven’t called anyway as am unable to locate a number. The only details I have found is this forum and the support page on my login (which I’m unable to complete hence messaging here)

do you want a phone number?

That would be really useful (assuming it’s for Steinberg! lol)


Is there a UK number? I’m unable to complete the online request

United Kingdom, Ireland 0049 40 42236 115 Depending on local charges Mon, Tue, Thu
9.00-11.00, 13.00-16.00
Wed, Fri

it´s even to Germany, but maybe it helps you a little bit more.

Thank you - that still looks like a Germany number though!

Is it possible that by me changing the auto-save time could have started the error messages?

to which time did you`ve changed auto-save and to where (which folder and which desk(new?)) do you store the auto-save?

I changed it to 5.0 mins. Although I suspect I changed this as it crashed initially and hadn’t saved. I think I then went to reduce the auto-save time so as not to lose much more work.

I’ve done a complete re-install of Cubase with all the updates and the problems remain. I think the laptop is at fault as everything is working fine on my Desktop. I just have no idea what the issue is.

internet connection to this computer? maybe it´s a virus-infection?

I’ve ran avg on it as well as cc cleaner and windows disk fragment. None of these have solved it.

i´ve also had ran once cc cleaner and avg. had virus infections, but none of these could find the bad files. but for the question: so, the answer is yes. did you percieved something strangeful in the instant time and the days before the crashing?

No nothing at all. I was using it just the evening before without issue. No updates have occurred in that time.

I had noticed an error message with my E-Licence when I started using it on my new Mac but that has always been fine with the laptop.

I’ve now installed and tried Cubase 8.5 and the same issue and error message is occurring. I’m uncertain whether the fault likes with the E-Licence or my laptop. Steinberg aren’t being helpful at all.

what`s with the eLCC (eLicenser Control Center)? appear your Cubase Studio 4 license there?

Yeh it does and I’ve ran maintenance on it and it’s fine. Avg did suggest there was some problem with it but didn’t say what.

with the license or the eLCC?

Good question and I can’t remember.

Certainly my Desktop has brought up the error message that my E Licence (As in the USB key itself) is broken and needs to be replaced. I’ve not received that message on my laptop or on my Mac and both have worked absolutely fine for ages. Even my desktop, after a few attempts, will start working. I’ve been working on my desktop this morning with no issues (same OS, same versions of Cubase, same E Licence)