Steinberg Support service

Don’t bother opening a support ticket with Steinberg, I’ve been waiting for 12 day’s to get a response

Hello Bob and welcome to the Forum.

Sorry to hear that, I had a good experience lately with Steinberg Support.
So I’d suggest to try once more (include a .dmp file and a system.nfo) file if practicable.

You might want to explain your issues here as there are some clever people on this forum eager to help fellow musicians.

I’m beating you Bob 13 days here.

Welcome to crowd-sourced Steinberg support, Bob!

We could all rant about how official support is lacking, myself included, but the simple fact is you’ll get a quicker, and probably better response here on the forum; that’s assuming it’s about Cubase, and not some issue with sales or such – although even for that stuff, there are plenty of people here who can offer advice, or at least point you in the right direction.

Thanks, and sorry that your beating what I thought was a record. I hope they wake up and respond shortly to you issue

Thanks MrSoundman, it’s about the restrictions on Cubase activations regarding the use of dongles and not being able something that you own onto a pc if it is activated by a dongle

Thanks Fantom, forgive me for being a bit pessimistic at this time

I think it’s possible that support tickets with questions that already are answered in the knowledgebase get a lower priority.

I would bet a lot of moola that if you ask your question here you will get an answer within hours.

I bet my last Dogecoin.

We all start off that way :-).

I call it “The Five Stages of Steinberg Support”:

  1. Denial
  2. Anger
  3. Bargaining
  4. Depression
  5. Acceptance

You’re at stage 2, we’ve long arrived at stage 5. :neutral_face:

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Now that is pretty funny

btw – AI counselling sessions are available through the ChatVST VST.

Results vary.