Steinberg Support

Does anyone know if the Steinberg support actually exists? I’ve sent 3 tickets the first one was February 26th, no reply save the automatic response, anyone else had this problem? :unamused:


Yes, it exists.

Get in line. I’ve got one from the 22nd I haven’t heard back from… except for an automated reply saying, “Due to high volume… blah de blah de blah…”

In my case, all I want is a freakin’ fix to an eLicenser issue. Can’t imagine how tough -that- could be.

While you are waiting, have you tried doing all the troubleshooting suggestions shown here?

Regards. :sunglasses:

and the content of those tickets?

Cubase 9 continually crashing and hanging, still no reply,


Make sure, your plug-ins are up-to-date, please.

When does it crash? Any steps, how you can always reproduce it?

In my case I was simply waiting for an eLicenser code for a Wavelab Trial. IOW: I want them to help me BUY THE PRODUCT AND GIVE THEM MONEY.

How clean is your system?

Do you want to know how great Steinberg support ist ?
They just refused to give me my Halion 5 addon Licence, because I also own another copy of Halion 5.
I only bought Absolute 3 because I was assured on this board that i can sell my Halion 5 aftertwards.

I would call that an intentional lie.

Who told you what? Provide a link please.