Steinberg Survey for "Solvers"

Hi, Folks …
Today I got the first “task” as a “Solver” from SB to help finding out about improvements, sense or nonsense of novelties and ideas within my profession. Indeed, it got me 30 Solver Points. …what ever that is…

I had hoped being challenged in my professional knowledge and skills, instead it is, to just take one, a suvey about liking and willing to pay for an app that takes influence in shopping mal background music to suit your taste of music.

Whilst this is not a bad idea, please, ask rather me about the Nuendo GUI, new functions and ideas of our DAWs.
Otherwise I might be enclined to stick those Solver point up your Letterbox.

Big K ( not a friend of smart phones…)

lol, I was underwhelmed too. I’m not that interested in toy apps. One of the three ideas is interesting from a social media/band promotion standpoint which has nothing to do with Steinberg’s core business, the other two already exist or are not worth the bother.

I was hoping to provide input on halion 6 or Cubase, etc. I don’t care all that much about apps and don’t really consider them to be serious tools. That’s why they are apps and not applications.

I hope Steinberg solvers isn’t what I’ve seen done by other companies which is nothing more than surveys run by interns and social media “managers”.

I miss the sign up for being a part of that, but now I don’t mind that I missed it. Congratulation on your solver points though! :slight_smile: hopefully it’s refined a little bit more to where it seems more useful for the users to have input on things that are important to them.

The word “duh” comes to mind…

So you’re a tool for researching new features…

Is it just me or does this seem reminiscent of the last time they had an “official” survey stemming from that long thread where users complained over broken features? Where the conclusions was formulated as “here are the new features we’re going to focus on” rather than “let’s fix these problems first”…?


yes, seems to me that they have either very poor beta-testing and/or internal QC, or they make business decisions that are highly questionable. They could change either and changing the former is what at least I thought they would have tried to do with this “solvers” group. I have to say though, not knowing who’s in it, that I would have expected people with a vested interest in certain functions and workflows to be invited. If I keep finding issues with VCAs it would make sense for me that I’d be involved since I’m apparently far more capable of finding these issues than their programmers, beta-testers or QC department. Or, as I said, perhaps they’re all aware of the issues and just release the software anyway.

How many points for the Microwave Oven?


it’s probably just them initially filtering out clueless or delusional people, maybe even side-testing speed of judgment, need for approval and other flaws. Maybe they’re setting up their own prediction market. These are quite trendy, and can be fun, provided you don’t find the rewards too small and/or the questions too boring: :slight_smile: