@ Steinberg: technical support on Media Bay, VST(i) presets


I’d like to know, how exactly VST3presets are associated to a plugin within the media bay.

A VST3preset hast to be associated to a plugin as it contains values for this specific plugin. in fxp times, fxp’s were associated to a plugins Unique Identifier, like “Clm8” for “Absynth 5 Stereo”.

In Media Bay, VST3presets seem to be associcated to a plugin’s name: When I save a VST3Preset for a VSTi “xxx” (xxx.dll) with Unique Identifier “abcd” for example, and I “automap” this plugin, so that it becomes “xxx (Automap)” (“xxx (Automap).dll”) BUT has the same Unique Identifier “abcd”, it can’t be retrieved with the Media Bay, as the Plugins then has a different name as it’s orignal, even though it has the same Unique Identifier.

How exactly is the assocaiation between and a plugin a VST3preset?

I already filed a support ticket for this and got no answer!

What support is this?

some plugins change their “id” with the automap warper ! their is 2 tag inside vst3 presets : vst id & vst name
for example absynth react correctly with the vstpresets made by “absynth” or “absynth (automap)” but not the fm8 ( “fm8” cannot load the vstpresets made from “fm8 (automap)” & “vice versa” ! :frowning:

In Steinbergs Defence, they did say they were moving offices these weeks, and announced that support would be lacking a bit in the meantime. Although that’s not of much help :wink: