Steinberg test rigs - specs

Would Steinberg be willing to divulge what their test computer’s specs are?
I’m sure everyone that has been using Cubase (or other DAWs) in recent times can attest to the anxiety that comes with buying or building a new computer/rig, especially if you prefer a Windows platform. It quickly becomes a rabbit hole trying to understand what CPU gives the best performance and with what chipset and with what motherboard and is using the X brand of RAM going to affect this or that… I think you get my point.
Real-time audio performance is still one of the most taxing jobs for a modern computer and one that is only as good as its weakest link. Personally I have stopped building my own DAW for this reason. I simply don’t have the time to keep myself informed. And even still, it feels like there is an element of lottery.
If Steinberg would share with us what their builds are, end users would have a sense of guarantee that this hardware is proven to work with their software. Like a Steinberg seal of approval.

Well, before I got Reaper, I just checked out the computers that Reaper owners were using. I was hardly sweating bullets when I bought my own audio computer. But, to each his own.

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I doubt they have anything special. Regular computers with components available to ordinary people, and, I suppose, Steinberg audio interfaces.

Just go look at some of the sites that custom build DAWs. They have very detailed lists of the components they are currently using.