Steinberg Testgenerator plugin

I am having a look at the test generator plugin of cubase. If I generate a 1kHz sin then the cubase meters in the mix console are in agreement with the chosen gain level for the sin (set in the plugin).
Thus, if i choose -9db in the plugin for a 1kHz sin, then the meters show -9 (in fact, the are little of and show -9.3).

However, if I choose a different frequency, eg 100Hz or 10kHz then with a gain of -20db (in the plugin) the mix console meter show -39.5dBFS. Thus it seems that the amplitude of the sin is dependent on the frequency with this plugin.

This shouldn’t be the case, right? Implementation “bug”? Or am I overlooking something?
Thanks, Antoine


I can’t reproduce the behaviour here. The generator gives me the very same volume for any frequency.

Yes, my stupid mistake. Still had a bandpass filter after the test generator. Sorry. Antoine