Steinberg Updater -> how do I know what content is already installed?

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See photo → how do I know which content is already installed? because here it says “install”, but i guess the content is already on my pc somewhere?



Unfortunately, you don’t see it here. But you can see it in the Steinberg Library Manager.

Btw, if you want to install all, what is part of Cubase 11 license, open just the Cubase folder, Cubase 11. You need a dedicated license to be able to use the content shown here in this page.

ok yeah
but why not ONE software for all?:wink:

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The fact that you cant see what’s already installed in the steinberg download assistant is criminal.

Finding out if every piece of software is up to date to the latest version is really way harder than it should be. I dont think it actually tells you the version youre on for Halion - Groove Agent etc unless you actually load up Cubase.


The download assistant is the worst thing ever made from Steinberg. We live in 2021 now and you are talking about workflow!!. This download assistant is nothing about a nice workflow. Whoever coded this trash program should get fired at once. Fix this so we can see what versions we have installed on our computers , what is included/installed in our version and the crap program can compare against the server for latest version.

And criminal is one of 1000 words you could use to say that the download assistant sucks.


As @Martin.Jirsak said, installed Content is managed by the Steinberg Library Manager, which displays the version, and file path for each product on your system, and provides a way to move or remove the content you own.

i just found out there is a library manager…never heard of it before…
not a good sign thoug :confused:
and yeah, the donwload assistant is very oldschool
i like the one from Native, WAVES, izotope the most, very easy…

Indeed… There are actually two problems :

  1. Taking the Cubase 11 Pro category in the Download Assistant, the versions of the bundled instruments already installed are not displayed. It’s not a huge problem, as we can see it in parallel with Cubase VST Plug-in Manager (in the Plug-in information panel), and compare the versions. This way, I made a recent update of Groove Agent SE from 5.0.30 to 5.0.50. Same process for Halion Sonic SE (3.4.20 → 3.4.30) and Retrologue (2.2.30 → 2.2.50).

  2. Much more problematic are the items labelled as ‘Content’ and sorry, Martin, but the Library Manager is not of much help. Still taking GA SE example, I see a ‘Recommended’ related content which weights something like 6 Gb : probably something like one hour and a half of download, if not more. The question is : do I really need it and what does an eventual new version bring ?
    Trying to answer this, I went to the Library Manager : no more than 8 different libraries related to GA SE are installed. Clicking on the Details button for each doesn’t answer my concern : in which way the ‘Recommended’ content of the DA is related to these and, more basically, in which way can I make a relation between the versions displayed here and the GA SE one ?
    In example, The Groove Agent factory Content is version 3, installed 23rd november 2019. Should I update it with the ‘Recommended’ content or not ? A mystery… :thinking:

There is a big place for improvements, obviously. Actually, I think that fixing the Steinberg DA/LM mess is much more urgent than the copy protection scheme. Granted, I see all this with a daily user POV…


Yeah! :grin:

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