Steinberg updates

Folks, I don’t want to seem like a complainer - especially since I’ve used Cubase since the 80s. But the last few updates (more than a few actually) have all invariably caused one problem after another. I have not had a flawless update - even a minor update - in the last few years. There’s always something in the Rube Goldberg chain of products you need to actually get the update up and running - download manager, activation manager, e-license manager, the manager’s manager - and something inevitably breaks.

This latest experience with updating Wavelab was no exception. Not only did a procedure that should have taken a couple of minutes take more than a couple of hours, but once it was done, all my audio connections in Cubase (not even the product being updated!) were messed up to a point where I had to uninstall and reinstall my Fractal drivers.

Now, I see a Cubase update listed as “Required”, and I’m scared as hell of doing it. What else is going to break as a result of some potentially inconsequential update? Is Steinberg really incapable of setting up the update process seamlessly for such a great suite of products? Or am I the only one who faces such issues?


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You can install Cubase 12 Trial to test it out.

Thanks, Martin. That’s a good idea.

But, foolhardy as I am, I threw caution to the winds and did the update and, luckily for me, it seems to have worked. This is the first uneventful update I’ve had in at least a few years.

That said, I’m very disconcerted by Steinberg’s inability to implement simple functions. I wonder if the Yamaha acquisition has something to do with it.