steinberg UR 22 : lack of alimentation ?

Hello everybody,

I’ve got a problem with my ur22 card. I usually used it with a PC and cubase and it worked very well. I changed my PC to a mac, used my ur22 connected on an usb hub to record a guitar just once, and it worked. A couple months later (= a few days ago), i tried to use my steinberg to record voices on a micro using logic pro X, the usb light is flashing, and my card isn’t recognized by my computer. I tried to change xlr cables, changed my usb hub, reinstall usb drivers, connected my mac to electric alimentation, but it still does not work. I saw this flashing usb light was due to a lack of alimentation but i cant explain it because i succeded recording my guitar a few years ago and din(t change anything

I really hope you’ve got answers to my problems because i don’t know how to resolve it aha
Thank you very much