Steinberg UR12 Driver Issues (ver. 1.9.2)

Hi everyone!

I’ve recently bought a condenser mic, along with the Steinberg UR12 setting up in my studio in hope to record better sounding music, however… I’ve been having serious issues with the Yamaha USB Driver that is needed for the device, and has had a frustrating fortnight as a result.

After the driver installation, along with a reboot to make sure my system runs smoothly. Whenever I plug the device into the computer, it results in the Blue Screen of Death each time after a couple of minutes from logging in. At first I had the 32-bit one installed, but then because of the crashes, I decided to uninstall and remove every trace of it, and then a fresh install of the 64-bit one, hoping that will help with the issue (my OS is Win 7 64-bit).

This time, I followed EXACTLY every step mentioned on the tutorials that the PC should first be turned OFF, then turn on the device (UR12 in this case), plug it into the PC, THEN, turn on the PC.

With a smooth startup, I managed to log in with NO problems whatsoever and everything showed that it was CONNECTED. I then saw a pop=up message showing the usual windows “installing driver software for this device” and then once finished, it showed the green tick saying that everything’s fine and that the software for the device has “been installed correctly”.

Then, after about half a minute later, everything quickly froze again, and the Blue Screen of Death showed again.

Just letting you know that I DO HAVE Cubase AI Elements, including all the dependencies supplied from the installation package, version 7.

Just a heads up… I want to note that I have ALL my drivers updated for all other devices, and has Windows fully updated. Not to mention my specs being: 12 GB of Ram, Intel i5 3.10 GHz, ATI Radeon HD 6800 Series 1024 MB.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Kind Regards
The Composer


it’s not easy to comment on this issue without having more details. Which mainboard is used? Is the UR12 connected directly to the PC? If so, have you tried different USB ports (USB 2 and USB 3 if appicable)? Most importantly, what does the blue screen say? Could you send a picture of that?

Hi Ed!

Thanks for the info, I was using a USB Extender at first which was when the Blue Screens kept happening. I then followed your advice on connecting it directly to the PC this time, and I can’t believe it worked! :smiley:

It turns out that no matter what port I tried connecting the USB Extender to it resulted in the same outcome. I’m now enjoying using the interface along with my Behringer B-1 mic with it and I’m so happy, I’ll give out a sample recording you ALL can enjoy! :slight_smile:

Cheers and thank you! :slight_smile:
Martin Fellner

Hi I have a similar problem on my UR12 Neide sound I tried everything already may be attached picture
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UR12 my work but then I went 2x USB port works only 1x usb so I put the fix does not work and has since UR12
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Bez názvu.png

I am sorry but I don’t understand your post. Please make sure to use the latest driver version which is 1.9.5. You can find it here:

Having the same problem installing the driver for my new UR12. Running Windows Vista Home Premium SP2. Found an older driver 1.7.3, then 1.6.1. Tried, no use. The device manager shows “Steinberg UR-12” with an exclamation point in triangle, the USB light is flashing on the unit. Need help. Thanks.

avs77, this is very off topic here. You might want to contact support using the support request form in your MySteinberg account at