Steinberg ur12 USB Cable

Hi there :slight_smile: i struggle really bad with my UR12 disconnecting once every 5 minute ish. Google tells me it might have something to to do with the usb cable…So my question is; Can i buy a new cable from anywhere, or does it have to be the exact same cable from steinberg? And is the cable more reliable the shorter it is?

I’d also appreciate any help about what could be the problem with the damn disconnecting! I cant get any work done…To be completely honest, i’m not very happy with the ur12 at all…SO many issues, i always end up using core audio waveRT…I spend more time fu#%ing about with with the audio issues than making music. Not even lying.

Also the steinberg support is 1/10! I never get any answers to my emails at all…

Ah…Felt kinda good to blow out some steam…

Thanks in advance for any help with my audio problems and sorry for my 1/10 English skills.

any usb cable (with the correct ends) up to 10ft cable length should be fine. My girlfriends barely used UR22 had a similar issue, which was strange because it was barely used - and lived in a box most of it’s life, and well taken care of when out of the box - suddenly the cable started acting up. At first I didn’t think that was the issue, but the thing was very “temperamental” at coming online, and would then disconnect like you say… i thought the UR22 itself was pooched.

In any case, replacing the cable fixed all the issues - I got a replacement off amazon. I think it’s an amazon basics cable - and it’s worked ever since.

I’ve also replaced the 6ft cable with a 10ft cable for my UR824 without issue(s)… although I do have that other post on here about occasional distortion issues while using cubase with the ur824 - but that occurred with 6ft cables too, so unrelated.