Steinberg UR22 and UR24C signal started to sound panned

I have a problem with my Steinberg UR22, the sound has started to feel stronger by about 5-10% in the left channel (headphones). I thought it was a HW problem so I ordered a new sound interface, this time a Steinberg UR24C. But after reinstalling the drivers I was disappointed, the sound in the headphones (and maybe in the monitors, but I can’t judge it exactly there) is now about 5-10% stronger in the right channel. When I try to play mono sound in DAW, the level is the same in both channels (visually), so there is no problem there.

I guess it’s a SW problem, maybe Windows 10 update, since I started to notice it only recently on UR22? I have no idea, but if you have any idea how to solve it I will be very happy, because it irritates me terribly and I am not able to work efficiently.

Thank you

Same here. UR44C.
Monitor line out is louder on the right. Headphones too! I have to run dspmixfx with L6 pan on the master to have equal levels on both sides! Mine is brand new, have to send it back i guess…

I just tried on my Mac and it works OK. I guess it is just a Windows issue. But I can’t solve it myself and there is 0 support from Steinberg… :frowning:

Did you try to contact Steinberg? Thanks

Same issue on Linux with UR24C. And if the main volume knob is near minimum, the problem becomes even more audible.

I too am now noticing this issue with my UR22c. The left main-out is louder than the right (confirmed with test tones and measurement).

. Really Steinberg?!? I’m starting to regret this investment…

Ok, this is unacceptable. The L/R balance of my main-outs are very noticeably off (skewed to the left). Even just for casual listening its distracting and this is no good at all for serious work. Has anyone made a warranty claim with Steinberg for this problem? Did they accept it as a defect, and if so was your replacement better/worse/the same?

I don’t have this particular unit however, i would assume your firmware and drivers are up to date?? I had some strange issues also and as always, firmware fixed it

I have the same problem, sound energy dominates the right channel when listening with headphones. Did you manage to solve this somehow?