Steinberg UR22 broken?

So got my new UR-22 today. After using it about half an our I switched phantom power on and then it broke. When Phantom power is on USB light flashes and when it’s off both PEAK lights are on and nothing is coming out from phones or output. Is there anything I can do or do I have to send it for repairing… :frowning:

Sounds like your Computers USB power is overloaded, i.e. perhaps too many devices demanding power. Try eliminating other devices (e.g. hubs with no separate PS etc.). Perhaps you need to plug some of these devices into a powered Hub instead of directly into the USB port.

Does Steinberg send replacement models?

I mean, if the circuits broke that’s a manufacturing problem, i wanted to open it up to fix it but i’ve opened up my game consoles to clean them, and then when they get defunct i can’t a replacement model because i broke the warranty, basically what i’m saying is, are my 150$ going to crap?

Or are they gonna help me, i’m 100% sure Guitar Center isn’t going to give a crap.

Who fixes brand new electronics gear on their own? If you’re not happy take it back to Guitar Center and get a refund.

Things usually don’t break after 30 days. Which is usually what pisses me off the most about receipt returns. I’m not saying i open stuff and fix them, but i like tinkering with things because that’s how any normal person usually learns how things work, but that isn’t the point.

I asked a question, you didn’t answer well. instead of being skeptical you could try to help, who let you get mod?

Why not start your own thread instead of hijacking this one? You never mentioned what your problem was, never responded to the help offered if was the same as the OP.


if you bought it from a re-seller, you should deal with them.
I don’t know where you are located, but usually you get a replacement unit with Dead On Arrival devices.

If you bought it on the Steinberg Online Shop, then you should send a support request via MySteinberg (My Support -> Create Support Request).

@tempun: GC is usually helpful - they can contact our Distributors / Repair Services or replace the unit, depending on when the unit was purchased and the local laws.
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