Steinberg UR22 contant hiss

Hi, I’ve just bought the UR22 unit and tried to record sth with my dynamic Shure C607 mic. However, during recording some kind of white noise hiss is also recorded. I’m recording at 3/4 level of MIC Input knob using unbalanced mono cable but the weirdest thing is, that even if the microphone is not plugged in there’s always that hiss (the best heard when MIX knob is set to minimum - to the Input mode).

Is it a problem with my computer or sth’s wrong with UR22? I’ve installed the newest driver and now I can’t record anything because even when I try to record at low input level my recording is very quiet, trying to boost it equals also boosting the hiss… I don’t know whether I changed mic to condeser one it would help or it may increase the hiss at all. I hope you could help me :frowning:

Hello martinez_90,

I would highly recommend you to use a balanced microphone cable. If you don’t use a XLR to XLR cable the microphone is currently running on the line level input. The signal of the microphone is to low and so the ground floor noise is higher.

Best regards,

Hi Stefan, thanks for your reply. OK, tomorrow I’m gonna buy a balanced cable because I don’t own any and I will also need it for my Digitech Vocal 300 vocal processor, so I have to buy it anyway.

I will write then if the problem dissapears or not.