Steinberg UR22 inputs inactive in cubase VST table


Though I have just re-install the Steinberg-Yamaha usb driver for the UR22 sound card
Something is not working in cubase:

  1. In “Device setup” I can see that UR22 is connected in VST tab… and in the right table I can see the 2 outputs are “activated”, but the 2 inputs are “Inactive” ! :frowning:
  2. I used F4 to open VST window, it is written in the row of Stereo left/right that device is “Not connected” and when I push on the “Not connected” it is showing me 2 options to choose “Not connected” and “UR22 Steinberg”. I’m trying to choose the “UR22 Steinberg” but it won’t let me

so currently I can hear my work in cubase coming out to the UR22 and to the monitor, But I can’t record any track as the inputs are inactive/not connected

What can I do?

Many Thanks!

If the inputs are marked as visible but inactive, then you can use them in the VST setup. That should change their status to active (under VST Audio System). But you say you can’t select “UR22 Steinberg”, which is something that must happen before you can assign them in VST setup. It sounds like a hardware problem or a device driver issue. If I were you, I’d consider re-posting in the UR series forum.