STEINBERG UR22 Mk11 sound level issue

Steinberg UR22 Mk11 audio interface
iMac late 2015 16 GB computer

I am a recording rapping. I have an issue with the interface between Steinberg UR22 Mk11 and both my iMac (Catalina) and Apple laptop (High Sierra)
The sound levels are good going into both Garage Band and Logic but when i replay the timeline recording the levels are tiny - ie not audible. It is only when i ramp up the gain on the Steinberg UR22 to the maximum that i can hear it at usual levels on the timeline. Of course this creates hiss and the recording is unusable.

I have swapped out all cables and exchanged the mics, it is not the microphones (shure and Rode)
I have gone into security preferences on mac and enabled Steinberg
Both Garage band and logic has Steinberg audio in and out selected
Audio preferences in Apple has steinberg selected
Latest driver downloaded for Steinberg plus firmware in both computers
Checked MIDI settings in Utilities and it is displaying as correct for driver being correctly installed

It is on both Logic and Garage band on both computers
A USB microphone records perfectly.

Any ideas? I’m going batty.