Steinberg UR22 MKII driver 1.9.8

I have a MacPro 5.1 running OSX 10.11.3.
• The UR22 MKII are updated to firmware 1.0.2
• The Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver 1.9.8 is installed.

The OSX recognize the UR22 MKII and work, but the sound volume control in Finder are grey. It is NORMAL?
If I restart and boot in Windows 10 with USB driver 1.9.8 installed, it recognize the hardware and work. And Sound Volume Control in Windows works as spected.



In Windows there is no v1.9.8 driver yet, latest is 1.9.6.

Sorry! I have installed the latest version for Windows version 1.9.6

But the problem is in OSX 10.11.4 where I have installed driver version 1.9.8, and the sound volume control in Finder appear Grey (Disable). Of course I can control de volume only with the physical Output Volume in the UR22 mkII.

Answered here: