Steinberg UR22 mkii

My setup: Speakers and Headphones connected to Steinberg UR22 mkii. UR22 mkii connected to PC (USB).
My Goal: enhance sound quality of my speakers with Equalizer APO.
My Problem: UR22 mkii is in the Sound options of windows displayed as “line”, and there are no “audio Enhancement” options (the whole “enhancement” slide is missing.
Equalizer APO works if I connect to another device, but not over the UR22 mkii. Many problemshooting solutions involve the “Audio enhancement” but because UR22 mkii is not recognised as a “Speaker” out but as a “line” out, there is no Enhancement option.
How do I fix this? I feel like I’m doing something very wrong somewhere, but I can’t figure out, where.

Many Thanks

Hi. I’m on the same board here. Would like to enhance the PC output sound through UR-12 with some EQ. Were you able to find any solution?