Steinberg UR22 modification time


I bought a UR22 and it turns out I got one from the defective batch. I sent it out today and it’s going to arrive tomorrow apparently.

How long will it take for the unit to be modified and sent back? I’m kind of in the middle of a project and bought this interface to quickly replace another which had died on me.

Thanks in advance.

It would likely depend on the country you are located in. I would suggest contacting support for that country and they should be able to give you a ballpark on the turnaround.

Hi, thanks.

I’m in the UK. I sent a support request but have had no reply.

The unit has been signed for in Germany, but I don’t speak German so I can’t phone their support and ask for details.

I really hope it doesn’t just get left on a shelf for months, I really need it back quite quickly.


I know several of the techs in Germany speak English quite well (some days, better than I do). I would expect they will reply with an update as soon as they have information on it.

I have already sent a PM your way. If I knew the UR22 serial number, I could check the current status. As we had a bank holiday on May 1st and the device has been sent last week, I guess it will be repaired this week and sent back to you.

BTW everyone in support you can call from the UK can speak English.