Steinberg UR22C and Win 10 gets me tired - stutters

What about installing different USB PORT drivers. Not usb steinberg drives for the device but strictly drivers for you USB PORT in your computer. Tried it?

yeah, i tried update and reinstall usb drivers as well. Asmedia driver for mobo bridge cotroller, and amd driver under the CPU controller

the problem occurs again, nothing has changed since last post. i see that Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver V2.1.6 hits live. will see if that helps whatsoever

Vilkas, I read about your problem. I have the same thing. Even the headphones are the same. The Steinberg UR22 C interface. Periodically mute the sound.
I haven’t tried the 2.1.6 driver yet…How does it work for you? I noticed that the sound is turned off when the network is turned on.

sorry for the long reply, nothing changes with 2.1.6, problem is still occurring.

I think I’ve written about it before, but the Internet connection seems to really matter… somehow, because when I refresh the website, the “pop” happens much more often, downloading files in the background also causes problems, but when I limit the network bandwidth to a minimum, the “pops” are rarer.

and “harder” “pops” and “cracks” still sometimes causes led diode on the top center of the ur22c to flicker too… but i think i written about it before again.

You could try disabling the XHCI Hand-off in the UEFI, under USB Settings.

If it works, the trade-off would be no USB 3.0 / 3.1 support.

This worked for me albeit, on an old x99 and a UR824.

Testing it …

Usb 2 - our solution?

ok, I installed a new system on a completely new disk, the hardware has not been changed, a clean system only with Steinberg, motherboard and gpu drivers - pops and cracks are still here. its been 2 weeks, i installed all my things i used on previous system and i use desktop as always i do, pops are still here, they’re a bit rarer but i will wait for warmer weather im courious about higher enviroment temperature teory if this cause the pops be more frequent

“XHCI Hand-off in the UEFI, under USB Settings”
im not interested to even try it because i dont want to loose usb 3.x, i have other devices to power and use.

You could say that I’m already used to this problem… I was consumed by indifference. i dont really care anymore so i just leave it be

I don’t even want to resell it, look for something new and have to deal with deleting the hardware and software registration if its even possible idk idc…

So Im abandoning the thread, let it be left for offsprings.
have a nice day, evening ,life, goodluck, etc, etc…

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Sell this unit and buy audient ID. Steinberg is by far the worst audio interface developer I have aver used.

I owned e-mu 1616m. There has never been a problem with this
Steinberg audio interface too raw and unfinished in my opinion. Although I reinstalled the usb3 driver, especially the usb3 hub driver. The ones that were standing I alternated with the last ones found on the network for my controller. So far, the problem has not appeared. However, it is better to go offline when working

I sincerely hope that everything will be fine with you!

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I solved the problem with short-term sound loss by connecting a sound card via USB hub 3

After half a year of silence, I can add it as a PS:
This is related to ndis.sys in windows, ndis.sys is a network-related process and the problem only occurs in Windows, I have not noticed such problems in Linux. the problem can also be attributed to computers with AMD processors Am4 and Am5. Drops are even in 30 000 - 80 000µs (30-80ms) which is a huge value

The problem can randomly disappear for up to a month not updating a thing.

Not using VPN or P2P protocols also improves the situation a bit.

Cutting off the internet connection solves the problem

The problem is solved? nope, and probably never will be, at least in my case, until I change the mobo/cpu/ram.