Steinberg UR22C - Cubase 11 Issue

I have Cubase Pro 11. My audio interface is Steinberg UR22C.

The system has worked fine for some time now. Earlier this week I connected an Audio-Technica AT2020USB+ microphone to my computer.

Now Cubase 11 Pro does not see the UR22C or the Audio-Technica USB microphone.

Windows does see the UR22C and it works other applications. Any thoughts on how I can resolve this issue?

Thank you.

I think that the problem is that plugging the AT2020 creates a new sound device, from which, a conflict could have occured and Cubase can only deal with one of them (actually, the ASIO compliant one, which the AT2020 USB+ isn’t).

What is strange, though, is that Cubase no longer recognize both devices. A screenshot of your Studio>Studio Setup>Audio system panel (and one of the eventual interface sub-panel(s) if there is still one remaining), to see what is actually there, before anything else. The aim is now to make your UR22C visible by Cubase again…

To be honest, I wouldn’t have bought an USB microphone, as there are XLR connectors on your unit that would have avoid you this kind of conflict. Even extending the input amounts could have been done with a little added mixer. This kind of mics are perfect for basic use with Windows/OS X sound panel and software like Audacity but not for an ASIO dependent one like Cubase…

All good comments. The only reason for the USB mic was convenience when travelling.

I should probably start by searching for the USB driver for the AT2020USB+ and deleting it.!

Yep… Beside this, it seems that the Generic Low latency ASIO driver has been set as default ASIO driver, as a result, and Cubase, searching for the AT2020 inputs/outputs is unable to find them, as it’s not an ASIO driven device. Contrarily to what its name suggest, this generic driver is anything but ‘Low latency’. So, the first thing I would do is to try to get rid of it and replace it with the dedicated Steinberg Yamaha ASIO USB one (if I remember well its name).

To do this, click on the Audio System option of the Studio Setup window and see if there is the latter in the ASIO driver drop down list : if so, select it and check the audio connections again. Normally, the inputs/outputs of your UR22C should be selected, or at least, available. If not, I’m afraid that you are for a reinstallation of your UR22C ASIO driver.

After this, remains the AT2020 USB+ issue. At your place, I would try to negociate an exchange of it with its XLR counterpart : I don’t have one but I have read in several places good comments about it. Seems like it’s a quite nice all purpose cardioid condenser mic for its price…

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I updated the UR22C firmware and did a clean install of the Yamaha USB driver.

Following the points you made I am up and running again. Thank you for your help.

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