Steinberg ur22c input/daw

Hello! Input/daw mix knob is working like volume control. Is it normal thing? How i nust use it if i use only headphones?

You use that to balance the sound of the live inputs (i.e. a guitar or mic) and the DAW audio - not related to headphones at all.

If you’re turning it up and down with no live signal then it will appear to be a volume control, but it’s not - it’s a mix balance control. If you want to hear live inputs (Direct monitoring) then set it at 50%, If you monitor through your DAW or have no live inputs then leave it at 100% DAW.

What is the actual issue you’re having?

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Thx for reply! I was confused because of volume changing. No live iputs - only headphones and if turn more than 50% to DAW, volume of headphones is getting hihger.