Steinberg UR242 & Vegas 12/14 ASIO drivers problems


I’m using Steinberg UR242. Great piece of hardware. But recently, after updating to 64bit WIN10 and Vegas pro 12&14, I have problems with my Steinberg UR242 ASIO drivers. They simply not working. Glitches, shuttering and at the end - they completely stopped.

I’m with latest driver/firmware/windows/vegas updates, tried different buffer settings, started Vegas in compatibility mode - nothing helped.

I can switch to Windos audio drivers, but I’ll lose all the benefits that native Steinberg ASIO drivers are providing. All other DAW software, that I’m using working with the ASIO drivers flawlessly.

Please help me with that issue.

Thanks in advance!

Ach wie gut das es getrennte Foren gibt :laughing:
Please reinstall the proper Driver!! :unamused: