Steinberg UR44 inputs stopped working

I have an interesting one.

My interface (Steinberg UR44) worked properly (Windows 10). Then I gave it to a friend who has MacOS. He tried to connect it but it didn’t work. Now he gave it back to me and it doesn’t work. All the inputs are gone and neither Ableton not driver want to identify the interface. Main output works though - If I play Spotify, for example, sound is transmitted. What could be the problem?

I tried: reinstalling drivers, switching cables, phantom power works too.

Isn’t there a CC switch on the back? Switch it.

thanks, but it’s not it. CC is on. (tried switching it on and off though)

It should be off, not on.

Can you try again?

Turn off CC, Unplug from USB, Toggle power off and on, plug into USB, run dspMixFx or the yamaha Steinberg USB Control Panel.

What do you see? Screenshot please.

It worked, I can’t thank you enough!