STEINBERG UR44 vs. Windows XP Professional SP3


i have a question about STEINBERG UR44 external sound device which i am going to buy.
I see that there is no mention of “Windows XP Professional SP3” on Steinberg website but my friend told me that STEINBERG UR44 is functional under Windows XP Professional SP3. But i need more detailed informations about that.

I am fully working on Windows XP Professional SP3 operation system (yes, and i am not going to get any newer OS - this is just the fact and i am not going to change this).

So i need to know if STEINBERG UR44 support Windows XP. I found the information that STEINBERG UR44 is supported under Windows XP with firmware 1.0-1.5. But where to get this older firmware v1.5?

And is it possible to run “TOOLS for UR44” software for STEINBERG UR44 under Windows XP (firmware v1.5)? And if which highest version of this software is fully compatible with v1.5 firmware, please? And where can i get it?
Can you send the links for older firmwares and app versions?

So can you tell me and verify that STEINBERG UR44 is fully workable under Windows XP Professional SP3 OS, please? Or if the support for older Windows XP is limited i would like to know what features i miss if i use Windows XP.

Or can i install on my Windows XP newest firmware v2.1.1 and use “TOOLS for UR44 V2.1.0” application with some little lmitations?

For me there is no other way than to work on Windows XP Professional SP3 system as i have everything installed and configured for this operation system.

Many thanks for your assistance and help!!
With regards